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Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

Hellsing OVA IV and stuff

September 23rd, 2008 (10:44 pm)

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So this morning was an adventure.

I woke up at 7:55 am because I could not sleep. Why? not only am I having sleeping problems, but also, cause Hellsing Ultimate IV came out (I hate calling it Ultimate....I think we older fans call it "OVA" more XD). So I went to Best Buy at around 9:45 am and stood outside like an idiot waiting for the damn store to open. Once it opened, I went in and got the DVD. Of course, being a rabid fan I bought the LE one (the one with the book) Suprinsingly, it only cost me $30. Originally it was supposed to be $35+. I had been saving little by little to get this damn DVD, and I finally did, the day it came out. Aside from getting the DVD, I sent my laptop payment (DAMN BILLS!!) to Dell. I also bought food and toilet paper (TOILET PAPER SHORTAGE!!!!) XD

Back to Hellsing now XD

I have the Japanese version of the DVD, (bought it back when I was not having these damn money issues XP) and I must say, I love the original to death (Alucard's voice=sex) but the dub wasn't extremely bad at all. One thing that I must admit, I love Alucard's voice in the dub, but I feel that Crispin Freeman is over doing it at times. Not only that, but I think that he's FORCING himself to make himself sound better. Its not a bad thing, cause thats what voice actors do, but come on Crispin....I dun think he should be growling when he says "find a way for me to get on that boat..." I also loved how they added in stuff. Like Alucard's "Look (or guess, I forgot exactly what he said) what I cought?....I caught you....Rip....Van....Winkle" that was smexy. I barely fangirl anymore, because im so used to him and have been watching/reading the damn series/manga for so long, that im immune to it now. But today, today I fangirled all the day.

One thing that struck them tho, was the Rip!Rape scene. As I mentioned, I had already seen it in Japanese with subtitles, so I know whats going on. but when you see it in your own languge, you get a different feeling. I dunno how to explain it, but lets just say that the whole time he was impaling Rip with her own musket, and he was like grunting and sighing, I was thinking to myself "holy shit...he's raping her and he's enjoying it" I dunno....I think its also different from when you read it. I've always known he was like "raping" her, he technicall "vampire raped" her, since he bit her without her consent, but it was like...wow.....I love this guy, he's my fav character..but..........He just raped a chick (ALUCARD IS VIOLENT AGAINST WOMEN!!!! notice how he didn't even take out HIS guns, he just punched her and pinned her against the wall *kinda sexy* LOL!)XD

but then again, its Hellsing what do you expect?!

but yes, lol it was good. to those who haven't bought it/seen it yet, I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND (LOL sounds like my ebay feedbacks XD)!!!! Its funny, witty (thanks to Alucard's "look what I caught!" quote and best of all DARK. So if you don't like Phallicness, or, I guess, symbollic rape...yeah..don't watch. Read the Manga first.

Although I know half of you on my flist have seen/read it so XD
This is directed to those friends of mine who have not!

Anyway. Other than the new Hellsing, nothing really new in my life. I'm excited about English class tho. We are now doing a compare/contrast essay and im planning to do it on Hellsing/Van Helsing. I will give the similarities and the differences. Its going to be fun! (I loved Van Helsing when it first came out, now I HATE IT! dunno why.......). I already have the paper set in my head, all I have to do is outline it, write it out and type it. Its not due until November 6th anyway, but heh, never a bad thing to start early right?

Well, im heading out. I dun have classes or work tomorrow, so I plan on trying to sleep. I've been having sleeping problems lately, so im trying to psyche myself by going to bed early or something XP

P.S. my icon at the moment is part of the Rip!Rape scence...although that sexy, I want a hot vampire to "impale" me XD

Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

Dragonforce, Hellsing Love on a chilly Autum and my life so far

August 21st, 2008 (10:08 pm)

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current song: Dragonforce: Ultra Beatdown- The Last Journey Home

oy man. I love Dragonforce, but their new CD is, well so far, ok. Very repetitive in music (all songs sound like their old ones) and their lyrics repeat alot.

anyway, I've been very very busy with work. The pool closes soon, Labor day, so after that, I'll be able to relax a bit more. Waht sucks is that after that, i'll be out of a second job, which sucks cause we need money badly.

My mom moved out of the basement that we are currently renting. The divorce is finally over, now my father can continue his life, and my mom can go screw hers. My dad lost his second job because of a lame ass excuse. So now we are surviving from my/his checks, which are not alot because I get minimum wage and my mom takes alllllll his money. NO joke....that woman, from $1,400 that my father gets every other week, gives my father only $108. SRSLY. I know that she's "helping him" pay his bills but yeah, that is ridiculous.

I dunno what to do. Today we went to SHoppers to buy food and we had to return a whole rack of food because we did not have enough to buy it all. Its so sad when you live paycheck to paycheck SRSLY!!! I asked my father something serious earlier. "HOw about we apply for food stamps?" ok, I know that only realllllly poor people get it. Right now, I"m sure that we don't qualify, but if we were to show proof that he pays child support for my lil sis, and show that we can barely make rent and get gas, maybe we could. I have no shame to be on food stamps. Some people look down on it, I don't care, if we need help because we can't buy food, and the oppurtinity is there, TAKE IT. He's too proud to accept the fact that we need food. All he told me was "I work, I don't need help" and as soon as we left the super market, I turned to him and said " THIS is WHY we need food stamps". he said nothing.

I dunno what to do. Right now I have a miserable $90 in my bank account. There are many things that I want, but cannot get. It's either spend $80 on food, or crap. Of course, common sense..FOOD. Gas is a bitch too. I feel a bit relieved that gas is going down, (near my house its $3.39 XD) but its still alot. Every two weeks I gotta put atleast $40 worth of gas in my card. Going from the pool, to Kohl's then to my house, which is like 40 mins away, kills my gas!!!!!.

I start school next monday. I must admit, im nervous, I dunno why. I'm on academic probation because of the fucking classes I failed. My life was fucked up the whole time last sememster, of course I failed. I was depressed every fucking day. I"m still depressed. The only thing that makes me happy is hanging out with my friends (which barely happens anymore), video games, and my cat :)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Yu-Gi-Oh Seasons 1-3 for REALLLLLY fucking cheap. I have a friend who works at best buy and he hooked me up. Instead of paying over $100 on all those, I only paid $45. SRSLY, im talking MAJOR discounts. He could get in trouble, but fuck! its yu-gi-oh, I needed to have it!!!! Thanks to him, I have one of my favorite childhood animes. NO SHAME!! NO SHAME! *looks at wall full of Hellsing, then yu-gi-oh right next to it*

Fabio got a better job, which makes me sad cause now I have no one to talk to at work. I guess I got used to skipping work with him in the break room. Eh, he's richer now, which means he can pay for my tattoo on my birthday. I asked him and he was like "sure....depends on how much" I was like, "you work at a bank, get like $15 an hour...you are going to work like 5 days a week, 8 hour shifts...you'll be fine XD" so we'll see about that. I'm kinda happy. I will love him long time if he pays.

Also, my love, Hellsing love, of course, is being filled alllllllllll fall. Hellsing Ultimate IV is finally going to be realesed September 23rd, then Hellsing Vol. 9, October 22nd (two days after my b-day, and my friend Heather said she'll get it for my b-day!!!), then, Hellsing Ultimate V comes out in Japan October 24th. What else can I ask for? Im saving a bit of money for Hellsing Ultimate IV. I"m broke, but little by little, I put 5 bucks in a jar labeled "Autum Loving, Hellsing Ultimate IV". Lame, I know, but I need motivation to do it!

I read a yaoi book titled "Necrotoholic". My friend Heather let me borrow it. If you are into vampires/priests romance (both male of course XD) I suggest you read it. It's got humor, sex, and everything you can ask for. It needs more sex though. I'm not a big fan of reading yaoi books to be honest, but I was like "waoh, they are hot XP" Heather is also trying to get me to read another one, I forgot the title, but it has vampires too, so I'll check that out I guess.

Anyway. so, my life in a nutshell. Work, sleep, barely eat, work more, sleep a bit, games, work and soon, school.

Sorry, for those who watch my LJ, for not writing in a while, but I've been very busy. I miss my best friends, I dun think they read my LJ anymore. I think that maybe I "changed" to them or something. I still love them, in fact, I hung out with the twins about two days ago, the day before they returned to Virginia Tech. But yeah, I love all of you and even though I barely write, I come here and read EVERYDAY, sometimes, multiple times a day...SRSLY.

Much love to ALL!!!!!

P.S. even though i didn't mention it earlier, I had a really bad flea infestation at my house (okok basement apartment), but now, I haven't seen a flea in DAYS!! *is happy and just had to say that and rejoice*

P.S.S. its my landlords fault, HIS cats where the infected ones!!! not my clean babies!

Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

Hellsing, Song of Demeter translation

August 12th, 2008 (05:00 pm)
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Amor floris, vicinum rumor.
Boris ventus, nobis sonus oblibio.
Immemoratus Dominus,
Dona gradus renutio.
Boris ventus, nobis sonus creditum.


Love of flowers, the sound in the air, the voice of the wind,
we are oblivious to it.(In other words,we don't hear it)
unforgetable Lord, give us the grace to renounce.
The voice of the wind, we beleive the sound.

Enjoy, and I hope that it made sense. My grandmother took 4 years of latin, and she translated it to the best of her abilities. ( She was an english proffesor at the Catholic University in Puerto Rico) She says that its a poem, so that's why it might not make much sense. We speak spanish, and latin for us is similar (not very, of course, but it is a romance language after all ^^).

P.S Demeter is the greek "mother nature" so maybe this has to do with it? the whole "wind" thing in the song...hmmmm but its also the name of the ship Dracula went to England in. for more info on Demeter:


Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

because of you....

August 12th, 2008 (01:30 am)

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I cried myself to sleep

Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

yanked from batmarg

June 4th, 2008 (10:14 pm)

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List ten fictional characters you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same.,/b>

1. Alucard (Hellsing...no suprise there, if you know me XD)
2. Sephiroth (FFVII)
3. Alucard (Castlevania)
4. Dracula (Castlevania)
5. Cloud (FFVII)
6. Vincent Valentine (FFVII)
7. Gankutsuou (Count of Monte Cristo)
8. D (Vampire Hunter D)
9. Vincent (Cowboy Bebop Movie)
10. Altair (Assassin's Creed)

oh there's a lot more..but mhm....XD

You guys don't have to do it, I just felt like doing it XD

Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

yanked from lv99butler

May 27th, 2008 (10:43 pm)

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☺ Ask me up to 5 questions about anything you'd ever wanted to know about me. It could be as silly as my favorite color or as deep as my most heartbreaking experience. Anything goes.
☻ Post this in your own journal, afterwards, to let others do the same.


Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

Hours and sweat..down the drain.

April 5th, 2008 (06:17 pm)
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ok so....yea, family troubles..and now this?

My sister's EX, Darren came to visit for a week. Well, he got his hands on my XBOX 360 and that dumbass erased my gameprofile...yes..MY XBOX...and he deleted MY profile....along with the saved data for:

Devil May Cry 4
Assassin's Creed
The Darkness

and more.

WAHT A FUCKING DUMBASS!!! OH MY GOD! hours and hours of endless gaming. DOWN THE GODDAMN DRAIN!

Now I know it's not a big deal. but to me, my games are like my life. Evne though I know that I beat those games...I need to have record saved.


I shed tears...I suppose only gamers will feel my pain.....

Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

What Pokemon are you?

March 21st, 2008 (04:31 pm)

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What Pokemon are you?
Take the What Pokemon are you? Quiz
Quiz Take!!

ehehehehehhehe LUVS!!!

Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

Birthday shout!

March 17th, 2008 (02:11 pm)

HAPPY BIRTHDAYdracschick!!!!

Hope it's a great one, and may God Bless you this year!

oh and run from Leprechauns, they are scary!! XD


Draculard +The Human Stain+ [userpic]

I'm NOT sharing a room.....

March 4th, 2008 (05:56 pm)

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we are moving....

we went from an apartment to a house, now, to an apartment again.....

this sucks..Goddamn financial issues.........

anyway....a real update later